The construction sites sometimes ask the CSCS cardholders to confirm their identity, skills and qualifications in order to make sure that the CSCS card is authentic. This article, therefore, will give you information about CSCS card checker and ways to check the validity of your CSCS card.

1. What is CITB?

CITB stands for the Construction Industry Training Board that is responsible for ascertaining the level, skills, and qualifications to build a safe workforce. In other words, CITB is the industry training board in the UK to assist the construction field to thrive and have a bright future. 

CITB has planned several goals to reach for change in the future consisting of being more:






The CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test, or CSCS test, is considered to be a requirement for construction workers to showcase their level and skills to work on-site safely and productively. After taking the CSCS test, you are allowed to apply for a CSCS card in order to ensure your ability to work on a construction site.

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2. What is CSCS card checker?

The CSCS card checker is an online tool that allows employers and individuals to verify the validity of a CSCS card. 

The CSCS card is a physical card that is issued to construction workers who have completed a relevant qualification or training course. The card includes the worker’s photograph and details of their qualifications and skills.

The CSCS card checker is a free service that enables employers and site managers to confirm the authenticity of a worker’s CSCS card. By entering the card’s unique identification number into the online tool, they can verify that the cardholder has the necessary skills and qualifications for their job role.

Using the CSCS card checker can help to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure that only qualified and competent workers are allowed to work on construction sites.

3. How to check my CSCS card?

To check the validity of your CSCS card, you may refer to these following ways:

3.1. Go Smart

Each CSCS card will be included a chip allowing people to scan using any devices like smartphone, tablet or computer. Since every CSCS card is smart, you can effortlessly check whether the card is valid by installing the Go Smart application on your electronic device. 

With Go Smart app, CSCS cardholders are able to:

  • Check the identity, training, and qualification
  • Check the validity of the CSCS card
  • Check the authenticity of the CSCS card or Identify expired card
cscs Trainee card
How to check my CSCS card?

3.2. CSCS online account

Another convenient way to check your valid CSCS card is to utilize your CSCS online account. The status of your card will be revealed once you log in. If you have not owned a CSCS online account, you can register one and contact the CSCS center to find out further information.

3.3. Online CSCS card checker

The most recommended way to check the validity of the CSCS card is to use free online CSCS card checker. All you need to do is to access the link then fill out the online form with the required data. Finally, your CSCS card status will be shown clearly.

3.4. Dial the contact center

You can call 0344 994 4777 from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. on weekdays to ask for the status of your CSCS card, and a member of the team will inform you in detail.

In conclusion, it is important to keep your CSCS card up-to-date and valid, as it serves as evidence of your qualifications and competence to work on construction sites in the UK. The CSCS card checker will verify the authenticity of your CSCS card and display the information contained on your card, including your name, photograph, and the types of work you are qualified to do. If there is an issue with your card, the system will provide instructions on what you should do next.