If you aim to get a job within a construction site as a labourer, a skilled worker, or even supervisor or manager, white CSCS card is for you. In this article, you can find further information on what CSCS white card is and how to get it successfully. 

1. What is a CSCS white card?

The CSCS white card is used for individuals who are academically qualified in the construction industry and able to prove the advanced knowledge and skills enough to work on a construction site without any supervision.

CSCS cards will be issued to you if you are working in a niche or specialized sector. Alternatively, if you work in conjunction with conventional construction, you may be able to benefit from this type of CSCS card. For instance, one who owns a qualification in architecture will be qualified for the CSCS white card application.

cscs white card

Members of professional bodies that are affiliated with the CSCS scheme are entitled to white CSCS card. Here is the list of professional bodies:  

Architects Registration Board

Association for Projects Safety

British Computer Society

Chartered Institute of Building

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Energy Institute

Institute of Civil Engineering

Institute of Demolition Engineers

Institution of Highways Engineers

This card type is available for labourers, skilled workers, supervisors, managers and also those who play a crucial part in the construction site such as engineers, architects or surveyors.

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2. How to get white CSCS card?

You may follow the following steps so as to successfully possess a white CSCS card:

2.1. Work toward equivalent qualifications

In the first place, you are expected to provide proof that you are currently a member of the professional bodies approved by CSCS. You should refer to the CSCS white card requirements below: 

  • A membership certificate
  • A both-side membership card
  • The latest confirm letter or email from the professional body
  • A receipt or payment for the membership application

However, you should notice that the membership is available for one year only, which means the evidence for your membership must be renewed annually.

2.2. Pass a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test

The most important criteria to get a CSCS white card or other types of CSCS cards is to take the CSCS test, or the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Managers and Professionals. The test will be designed in the form of 50 multiple-choice questions with the time limit of 45 minutes. 

In order to pass the CSCS test, you’re recommended to practice as much as you can whenever you have available time. CSCS online test will be the best choice for you to keep track your learning progress and analyze your performance to achieve the best result in the CSCS real test.

2.3. Apply for the CSCS White Card 

The white CSCS card can be applied directly over the phone on 0344 99 44 777 or via the online application service. Then, you are requested to send your evidence of qualification through email at [email protected].

3. What is the CSCS white card cost?


CSCS charges a fixed price of £36 for an application for a white card. Furthermore, your application for the card requires you to pay an extra £21 for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment, or CSCS test.

4. Can you renew a CSCS white card?

The time limit for a CSCS white card is within 5 years and it currently can not be renewed. Therefore, once it comes to the expiry date, you need to apply for a new CSCS card. 

5. Why should you own a CSCS white card?

The application for a CSCS white card requires you to prepare and spend time underpinning not only your knowledge but also various skills needed to work on-site. As a result, it is indisputable that white CSCS card applicants can ensure adequate knowledge and skills on a construction site.

Moreover, owning this card can make yourself more employable and earn more money in big businesses or constructions. Therefore, obtaining this card is worth the time and effort you put into it.