A CSCS MOCK TEST contains 50 questions and lasts for 45 minutes. You can also customize your own test from our available practice tests. Start the test right now!

Welcome to the best free CSCS Test Revision!

CSCS mock test consists of 50 questions with a variety of topics related to health, safety and environment. The CSCS mock test online is designed with the same format as a real test in order to prepare candidates well-rounded knowledge before the exam. All the questions are selected randomly from different sets of questions on issues on construction sites.

As a real CSCS test, CSCS mock test online will also limit the time within 45 minutes in order to help you become familiar with the time pressure during the test. You are required to have a solid background about health, environment and safety to pass the test and successfully register your CSCS card.

Besides, with CSCS mock test by, you are allowed to adjust the number of questions and appropriate time limit for your own test purpose, which aims to facilitate you, learners, with more flexible learning pace.

Almost all questions in a real CSCS test will have only one answer, but some are multi-answer questions. To simulate the same format, we also add questions with more than one answers to give test-takers the best experience when doing our CSCS mock test online.

If a question asks you to give many answers, you need to choose all the correct answers to get the point, so make sure that you have read all the questions thoroughly. The passing score of each CSCS mock test online will be 45 out of 50. Good luck! 

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