When it comes to the construction job, people will immediately think of CSCS Card. However, people often get confused about the CITB CSCS Card. What type of CSCS card is this and do you need to obtain it to work as a legal construction worker? Let’s find out the answer in this article. Keep reading it if you are going to start your career in the industry!


citb cscs card
What is CITB CSCS card?


1. What is CITB?

CITB stands for Construction Industry Training Board. The fundamental purpose of this organization is to develop the construction sector in the UK. CITB works closely with the government and other education departments, however, they are independent. 


2. Are CITB and CSCS the same? 

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is the organization that provides workers with the certification they need to show their ability to work. This is most typically accomplished by providing staff with CSCS cards. While it is not a legal necessity, most construction employees will need to have the appropriate CSCS card for their job description in order to work on-site.


In general, CITB and CSCS are two separate organizations. However, they are linked together because of the CITB CSCS Card. Especially, in order to obtain a CSCS card, you must pass the CITB Health and Safety Awareness test within 2 years. That’s why the CSCS Card is also called CITB CSCS Card or CITB card.


3. How do I get a CITB CSCS card?

Applicants must have completed the relevant credentials for the position in order to get a CSCS card. Typically, this will include the individual completing a relevant construction NVQ. However, the CSCS red card is an exception since it is provided to learners who have experience but have not finished their qualifications. Red cards are granted as a temporary solution to allow on-site staff to finish their training.


Workers must have passed the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test within the last two years to be eligible for a CSCS card of any color. So, what is CITB Test?

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3.1. What is CITB Test?

The CITB Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) test is a required aspect of any construction worker’s training to guarantee their safety on the job. When applying for a CSCS card, you must have completed this test within the last two years.


The exam consists of a set of questions about broad construction health and safety principles. Each test allows applicants 45 minutes to answer 50 questions about health, safety, and the environment.


The CITB examinations are divided into three categories: Operatives, Specialists, and Managers & Professionals. All three examinations cover a lot of the same material, although the more advanced tests will pose more tough questions about the position. Specialist examinations also provide candidates the option of having questions tailored to the position they are applying for.


  • Operative: assesses fundamental health, safety, and environmental knowledge. When applying for the Labourer card, Trainee card, Apprentice card, most Blue Skilled Worker cards, and most Gold Advanced Craft cards, this test is necessary.


  • Manager and Professional:  tests covering everything in the operational test as well as extra content pertinent to managers and professionals. When applying for a Black Managers card or an Academically or Professionally Qualified person card, you must take this test.


  • Specialist: Specific exams include everything in the operative test as well as additional content relevant to a specialist field, such as supervision or working at heights. When applying for the Gold Supervisor card, as well as the Blue Skilled Worker and Gold Advanced Craft cards in some vocations, specialist examinations are necessary.


citb card
How to get the CITB card?

3.2. What do you need to bring to CIBT Test?

Candidates must present a valid form of identification with their photo and signature before taking the test. A passport or driving license that is less than six months old will be accepted.



Non-UK Driving License Credit Card
Passport without signature Debit Card
Work ID Card Paper Driving License
EU Country ID Card UK Travel Document
CITB Scheme Card Inland Revenue Card
Student ID Card National Insurance Card / HMRC Letter
Citizen’s Card B79 Notification of Discharge Letter
Trade Union Card Bank Statement
British Armed Forces Card Building Society Passbook
Proof of Age Card Cheque Guarantee Card
Young Scots Card


If the candidate does not have a valid passport or picture driver’s license, they must produce both category A and B pieces of identification. Failure to do so means they will be unable to take their test and will not be reimbursed. Visit the CITB website for a complete list of their ID requirements.


4. Frequently asked questions of CITB CSCS Card


4.1. How long does a CITB card last?

The majority of CSCS cards are good for five years. Once this period has passed, the card must be renewed. The validity of red cards differs depending on the kind issued. However, a red card is cannot be a renewed card. If it expires, you will need to apply for a different color card.


4.2. How much does it cost to take the CITB health safety and environment test?

The cost of the test is £22.50.


4.3. Which level of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test should I take?

The type of CSCS card you are applying for will determine the level of test that you need to take. 


citb cscs card guide
apply for or renew a CSCS card if you do not have your CITB ID number


4.4. What should I do if I lose my HS&E test score report

It is not necessary to submit a copy of your HS&E exam score report when applying for or renewing your CSCS card.

All you need is your CITB ID number, which can be obtained on your booking confirmation email or by logging into your CITB test account (there are reminders if you have forgotten your login details).

You may still apply for or renew a CSCS card if you do not have your CITB ID number. When you apply, CSCS Online will use your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, national insurance number, and postcode, to attempt to verify your H, S&E exam. If this validation procedure fails, the CSCS team will attempt to validate your test personally. This may cause your application to be delayed.


4.5. Is a CITB CSCS card compulsory?

The fee applies to all employers involved entirely or mostly in construction sector operations. To put it another way, when construction activities consume more than 50% of your overall employee time (including subcontractors).


That’s all the information about the CITB CSCS card, which can help you increase the opportunity to obtain the CITB CSCS Card successfully. We hope that  After it, the CSCS test will be easy at your fingertips. If you are searching for a platform to practice the CSCS test, practice with CSCS Test Online to mash it up!