When you attend to a building workplace, many safety signs are displayed to express a clear message about health and safety. Failure to understand the significance of a health and safety signs on the construction site could cost you your life – or your job. In this article, we will help you understand the importance of these construction site signage and how different types of construction safety signs are classified.

1. What are safety signs on a construction site?

Safety signs are a specific kind of sign that are used to mark exits, identify the position of firefighting or safety equipment, warn of hazards, specify needed actions or the usage of personal protection equipment, and restrict certain behaviours.

signs on a construction site
What are safety signs on a construction site?

2. Importance of safety signs

In any workplace, safety signs are very essential. The main goal of putting up safety signs is to avoid accidents and make sure that workers and visitors are fully informed of any potential risks and hazards in certain circumstances and/or environments. Without warning signs, many workers wouldn’t know where to go in an emergency, and if any accidents happened as a result, employers may face serious legal issues.

2.1. Enhance safety

The primary purpose of safety signs is to caution workers to exercise caution and maintain awareness during crucial or significant moments. To keep your employees as safe as possible at work, safety signs may be put up pretty much anyplace and can convey whatever message your company needs. No matter what sector of the economy your company operates in, there is a good chance that you will need some kind of safety sign, even if it is something very simple.

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2.2. Reduce accidents

People who often attend at a construction site as guests or workers must be aware of all the warnings and hazards. There may be no one to inform them of the dangers and cautions. That’s the reason why safety signage has to be placed there. Then you can increase public awareness and assist people in avoiding risky circumstances.

Construction sites are the scene of a lot of accidents. You will be able to comprehend it clearly if you look at the statistical data. However, it is a must to ensure that nobody gets hurt while working on your building site. Here is where the safety signs for building sites might be of assistance. One of the most crucial elements of any construction site is safety, and a manager must make sure that no worker suffers an injury.

2.3. Boost safety consciousness with ease

In addition to assuring safety, the safety signs will be able to help to raise safety awareness among those who work on the construction site. Operating in such a hazardous environment as construction industry, where dangers are all around you, safety signs would be best employed for teaching purposes, especially if you have new employees joining the company frequently.

It is crucial that you have signs that succinctly and clearly convey the information you require because safety signs are frequently the first engagement new employees have with best practices when it comes to safety. Don’t be hesitant to spend too much money on safety signs; it’s critical that your company, if feasible, over-prepared for every scenario.

3. Types of safety signs on construction sites

3.1. Warning signs

A warning sign is used to alert people of potential dangers or hazards and ultimately improve safety. Most warning signs have a triangle shape with black texts and images on a yellow background.

warning signs
Example of a warning sign

3.2. Mandatory sign 

These signs are relevant to a procedure that needs to be followed in particular areas on the construction sites. Some examples of mandatory signs include: “headgear must be worn,” “high visibility vests must be worn,” “foot protection must be worn in this area,” and so on. These signs usually feature black tux with a blue circle on a white backdrop that shows the required activity.

mandatory signs
Example of mandatory signs

3.3. Prohibition sign

Specific actions that are prohibited are identified by prohibition signs. These restrictions might include things like “you cannot use your mobile phone,” “you cannot smoke in this location,” “you cannot enter,” and so forth. A red circle with a line across it typically depicts an image showing a certain action, while prohibition safety warnings typically include black writing on a white background.

sign prohibition
Example of a prohibition sign

3.4. Safe condition sign

Safe conditions signs can be considered the opposite of a warning sign. Instead of warning you about danger, they are directing you to a safe location. A building site might have this kind of sign to inform workers where the first aid kit is, where the fire exits are, or who to report to. Safe condition signs have a solid green square or oblong, with a white symbol or symbol and text.

safe condition sign
Example of safe condition sign

3.5. Fire equipment sign

These signs demonstrate the location and specifics of the fire equipment. Fire Signs are noticeable due to their vivid red colour since they are placed near fire alarms and fire-fighting supplies. The white text and images standout out against the red background. You can use fire signs to mark the locations of all your fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hoses, and more.

Fire equipment signs

4. What do the colours mean on safety signs?

As described in the signs classification, each colour of safety signs can express its own meaning. 

Red colour: Express Danger Alarm, Prohibition, Do Not, You Must, Stop It If You Are

Yellow or Amber colour: Demonstrate a Warning, You Have Been Warned, Be Careful, Be Aware

Blue colour: The colour can be found in Mandatory signs, You Must Do, Obey

Green colour:  Emergency Escape, First Aid, No Danger, Follow This Sign To Reach Safety

5. What is a combination sign?

When there is a need to combine multiple messages, the combination signs are used. A combination sign, for example, can incorporate a few sign types on a construction site:

safety signs on construction site
Example of an combination signs

Warning sign – Warning, Dangerous work in operation.

Prohibition sign – Unauthorised access prohibited.

Mandatory sign – All visitors must report to the site office; Safety helmets must be worn.

These multi-message signs are perfect for construction sites because they enable multiple messages to be transmitted in one location in potentially hazardous settings. 

To sum up,  construction site signs take a key role in strengthening safety in the working environment. For any business owner, the safety of every employee should be the first priority. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take all reasonable precautions, beginning with installing a practical plastic label safety sign for construction sites.

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