The CSCS Black Card is considered to be the top-level card within the construction industry and become a prospective career goal for workers. That’s the reason why this article will guide you to obtain this card with detailed information.

1. What is a CSCS Black Card – Black CSCS managers card?

The CSCS Black Card is the card available for the management position in the construction industry, which proves that you gain a competitive edge in the field of health, environment, and safety. This card also illustrates your knowledge, skills, and experience as a manager on-site. 

Being regarded as the highest level CSCS card, this card type is used for managers and technicians such as project managers, site managers, etc. It not only enhances your employability but also denotes your competency in the specified occupation. 

cscs black card
Sample of a CSCS Black Card

2. Who is eligible for the CSCS Black Card?

In order to be eligible for the Black CSCS managers card, you first need to ascertain your knowledge and experience to work as a manager or a technician in the construction industry. Then, several qualifications are requisite for this card:

  • the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test, or CSCS test, for Managers and Professionals (MAP Test)
  • a level 5, 6, 7 SVQ or NVQ certification in management in a construction site (NVQ level 6 in Construction Site Management is highly recommended)
  • CIOB Level 4 Diploma in Site Management

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3. Why do you need to get a CSCS Black Card?

The following reasons below can demonstrate why obtaining a Black CSCS card is a good career choice in the construction industry:

3.1. Build up your employability and earning

Owning a CSCS black card means you’re able to manage a construction site safely and efficiently, which demonstrates your ability to be employed in top-tier firms or businesses. Also, a black cardholder can offer a higher salary with more benefits as a manager on-site. As a result, it’s worth taking your time and effort to gain this card for your future career.

3.2. Opportunity to become a CIOB membership

A black CSCS manager cardholder can be given a chance to be a CIOB membership that is recognized as a professional construction platform.

become a ciob membership
Holding a black CSCS card will bring you many benefits

3.3. Increase knowledge and skills on the construction site

Your path to gaining a CSCS Black card undergoes great effort and experience. To be specific, you need to spend time obtaining adequate qualifications and being trained to work in a managerial position. Therefore, you’re fully equipped with knowledge and skills related to health, environment, and safety.

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4. How to successfully get a CSCS Black Card?

You should follow these steps to successfully own a CSCS Black card for managers:

4.1. Prepare for equivalent qualifications

Apart from the CSCS test, you need to complete the qualifications needed to get the card including a level 5, 6, 7 SVQ or NVQ certification in management in a construction site & CIOB Level 4 Diploma in Site Management. It is suggested to take the NVQ Level 6 certification in Construction site Management since the time limit for it is zero, which means you will not have to pay the NVQ renewal fee. 

4.2. Take a CSCS Test

CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Managers and Professionals is also needed for getting a CSCS Black card. This test will have 50 multiple choice questions on the topic of Health, Safety, and Environment in 45 minutes. 

To master this test, you should practice with CSCS test online and analyze your performance on each progress to achieve the best result in the CSCS real test. 

4.3. Apply for the CSCS Black Card 

The quickest way to apply for the card is over the phone at 0344 994 4777 or online application service. You can make your payment by credit or debit card and receive your card a few days later. 

5. How much does it take to get a CSCS Black Card?

The fixed price for a CSCS black card application is £36. Besides, you need to pay an extra £21 for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test, or CSCS test before applying for the card. 

However, the price of getting the necessary qualifications including NVQ or SVQ depends on the institution or company you register. 

6. How long does the CSCS Black Card last?

After 5 days of applying for the card, you will be received yours and it is required to contact the CSCS center to check the card. Your CSCS black card will last for 5 years and you need to renew it before the expiry date.

7. How to renew your CSCS Black Card?

The most convenient method to renew your CSCS Black card is through the CSCS online application service. In case you haven’t had a registered account, dial 0344 994 4777 (8am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday) to complete your card renewal process.